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Had a chance to visit Darren Waterston's shows last month. One opened at 49 Geary, the other down at Stanford's Cantor Museum. I'm always amazed by his ability to paint, and to do the things photography can't.


A few years back in Los Angeles, I had an invitation to see a friend perform in a small cafe show. I didn't recognize any of the names on the bill, so I wasn't expecting much. When the headliner, Kevin Sandbloom, started his set I was giddy.
Couldn't breathe through the whole set. Funky, acoustic and thoughtful. Beautiful harmonies. I've since been lucky enough to see him perform three times. If you live in Los Angeles go see what you are missing.


Last week I met Eric Taggart in his office. He has a great view of the Presidio right outside his window. We did an art trade, talked about hypnosis, and got wired up on coffee. I love how fragile and mysterious some of his pieces are.


How bad do I want to go to see this show:
Barron Storey's Journals at Society of Illustrator in NY

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This painting is up at Double Punch as part of I Have the Power, a Master's of the Universe themed show curated by Ryan De La Hoz, and featuring Pellet, Jesse Balmer and Mark Damrel.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I have a piece in the upcoming I Have The Power show at the Double Punch in North Beach SF. Its a He-Man/Master's of the the Universe tribute show. I did a piece inspired by the Man-E-Faces character.

Opening Reception June 20th 7pm

Double Punch
1821 Powell St
San Francisco CA 94133


The blogMy Love For You is a Stampede of Horses just posted some great work by Kenji Hirata.


I've been enjoying looking at the art of Nathan Spoor.
Here's a link to an interview and some images. He does really strange, beautiful, mysterious work.


Yoko Shimizu is doing Comic Book Covers for Vertigo now.
Here is a post.


Every year, I rediscover the Incredible String Band. Here is a great video:


And here is a classic piece from Devin Cecil-Wishing, who will be showing with me in the upcoming Artificial Nature group show at Autobody Fine Art.

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Dry Spells Poster 2

Dry Spells Poster 2

Our pals the Dry Spells play Saturday June 27th 2009.

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Artificial Nature : Group Show Autobody Fine Art

"Artificial Nature"
Clint Imboden, Liz Maher, Michael Singman-Aste, Mark Schroeder, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Andy Gouveia, Ginny Parsons, David Burke
In the installation room: T. Joseph Enos

July 10- August 16, 2009
Opening Reception: July 10, 2009
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Catered by Flying Monkey Catering of Marin

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wizard : Live Painting at Subzero Festival

Wizard : Live Painting

I did this live painting on Friday night at San Jose's Sub Zero Festival.
Big thanks to all the smiling faces who turned out to watch me paint this Wizard. Send me your photos, please. Lots of other artists, musicians, and great the Scion Installation Five show at AD Gallery.

Wizard Live Painting in steps