Friday, May 22, 2009

Noteworthy Persons

I had a chance to sit and eat some ice cream with Yoko while she was in town.
She posted my drawing of her on her very well organized blog.


A few week back I visited Marina PW at the SFMOMA. She was four floors up, balanced on scaffolding, hard at work painting a large mural for Kerry James Marshall's show. I was impressed. I did a quick drawing of two members of her team.

SFMOMA during Kerry James Marshall's mural painting. Photo credit: here

Sketchbook page

Scott Sell : Yeah We Cool
My good pal Scott Sell gave me this amazing piece just before he left for New York.
I think I'm the Gorilla and he's the cat, but there is no way to be sure.
Scott Sell is a gifted writer and a sparkling character. I will miss him very much. He posts irregularly at


I've known Eric Shapiro since I was 16 years old. Any instrument you can think of...he can play it. I'm mostly jealous of his guitar chops. He plays at Kimo's on May 27th with his band Daikon. Bring Earplugs. I mean that in the best way.


I ran into Sho randomly in a crepe shop. Her blog is really blowing up with all sorts of interesting projects and comics. Incredibly prolific.


Linus called me the other day to tell about his new blog. It has his films, music projects and strange jokes.

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