Sunday, May 31, 2009


The De Anza Mural is in the headlines, this story from ABC 7 News

I painted the tree and orchards section of the mural in 2000. It was the first mural I'd ever painted. It took way too long...nearly a year for us to complete. We were so young and inexperienced. When it was finally finished the reaction was amazing. Worth all the blood sweat and tears. So now, after nine years, its funny to see it in need of a restoration. I don't know Eric White, as he wasn't a painter on the original project.

The mural was painted in individual sections by a team of artists.
Here is a link to images of each section: DeAnza Mural photos in sections

Starting on the left, the cityscape was by the very talented Josh Luke. He's now a member of the SF band Finest Dearest.
To the right of the cityscape, the crowd was by Maria Pugnetti aka Wooly Mar.
Next came the tree section by me.
To the right of the tree is Erin Kawamata's DNA strand.
Below that is the graf section by John Daguia.
The Television cube is by Rebecca Hartman, and the final right side image of the globe is by Scott Selby.
Small portraits of all of the artists are hidden in the crowd scene painted by Maria Pugnetti.


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lstewart said...

totally amazing perfection

feroze said...

an incredible talent