Friday, April 3, 2009


I've just finished a long overdue update of my website. Check the paintings and murals sections for new images.

Barbarians are on my mind right now. Thanks to conversations with Matthew Puggnetti (Beastlore) I am working on a large series of paintings right now inspired by...

The Scythians: Wiki Scythians
The Afghanistan show: Trailer
This article (The Onion): Things Just Taste Better Out of A Skull
The paintings of Skinner (Thanks to Balmer):
Ancient Ireland drawings by J Tamaki: Irish Museums Pt 1

Also amazing, but not related to Barbarians...
God's Femur by Ward Schumaker: God's Femur
The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp (Here's the first chapter online): Chapter 1

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Ian Wing said...

Big Ups on the website update. The new pieces you added look really great. Of course it's still missing the flash game where you throw a shoe at George W. Bush.