Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mural : 2nd Street Downtown San Jose

I do walls.

I'm in the middle of a huge project. The 2nd street mural is two stories high and past 90 feet wide. I've been working out across from the improv theater on most weekends, with a crew of good friends. There are lively comments from the downtown denizens and the occasional hobo. Lately I've been blessed with this amazing autumn weather. I'm hoping for more fall sunshine so the wall can be completed by December.
My Pop took some photos of us at work on Sunday.
Have a good laugh at the hole in my jeans.

Mural 004

Mural 017

Mural 009

Mural 019

Mural 015

Mural 010


Tony said...

Hey f#cker, were you working on that today? I would have come down and made fun of your hole. Instead I just sat at my mom's house thinking about the hole in my heart.

Linus Lau: jackhammer said...

that's awesome man... !!!!

Smart Donkey said...

That's huge! One is sure to see it from far away and be impressed. Of course I am talking about the hole in your pants.

The mural is just as awesome. Looking at it from Germany!

Daniel Lee said...

You blow my mind, Andy.

But what happens when it gets rained on? I'm going to make a documentary film about the way the mural changes because of rain. I'll call it "Mural's Wetting".

LaraSophia said...

Hello Andy,
This is Lara. I am Lacey's artsy friend. We do shows and collabo work together. Super cool you are having Lacey work on the mural with you! Also Lacey showed me the video of you "learning to dance for the ladies". Very fun. Have a great day!
Lara Sophia

Kika said...

looks great Andy. You are a rock star muralist. The hole is great too.

sherron said...

i am so going to sass you about those jeans later.

you are so bomb though! straight fiyah!